About Us

The International Phenome Centre Network (IPCN) is a research consortium working to transform health care globally and improve disease prevention, detection and treatment by understanding the dynamic interactions between our genes, environments, microbiomes, diets and lifestyles and their expression in diverse individuals and populations.

A partnership among leading research hubs around the world, the IPCN applies cutting-edge analytical and mathematical approaches to study large, global data sets of rich biological information to unravel the molecular underpinnings of disease risk in individuals and populations. Our aim, through research harmonisation and high-quality data, is to create global atlases of human disease and population health to enhance scientific and clinical understanding in greater detail than previously possible.

The mission of the IPCN is to better understand how variation in gene-environment interactions affect disease across the lifespan for different populations. Using robust and harmonised data sets representing the world's diverse populations, this research will inform global public health policies and the development of new therapies. For additional information on the IPCN, see:

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